Online Application Form for $100 Textbook Grant

The Primary School $100 Textbook Grant 2023

Starting this academic school year (September 2023) parents/guardians will be eligible to claim financial assistance, through a $100 grant, for textbooks purchased for primary school students. This eligibility applies to students at both public and private schools. 

The provision of this $100 Primary School Textbook Grant is part of this Government’s ongoing commitment to support parents and guardians in providing the necessary education and educational tools for your children.

It goes hand-in-hand with the support that Government already offers in primary schools for schools meals, free transportation on buses for school children and universal education.  

Our Prime Minister and our Ministry of Education remain committed to contributing to a bright future for every child.

Here are some important details for a smooth process

  • For those who asked whether the grant can be paid in a different currency other than Barbados dollars, the answer is “no”. The Primary School Textbook Grant will be paid in Barbados dollars only, and payment will be credited to local banks or credit unions ONLY.
  • The value of the Primary School Textbook Grant is $100 only.  To further explain this, consider the following scenarios:
  • (a) If you are a parent or guardian who spends over $100 in textbooks, only up to $100 will be disbursed.
  • (b) If you are a parent or guardian who spends less than $100 in textbooks, only the actual amount spent will be disbursed.
  • (c) If you are a parent or guardian of three children, how do you apply for the grant?  You are required to complete one form per student, and upload the receipt on each form.
  • We know that there are students who currently received assistance through the Ministry of Education’s existing Primary School Textbook system. Given that financial assistance is already being provided to these students, parents and guardians will not be eligible to put in a claim under this general $100 Primary School Textbook Grant for students already benefitting from existing financial assistance.
  • Parents who co-parent a child, please be reminded that only one parent can claim for the $100 Primary School Textbook Grant for the same child.  Our Ministry is encouraging your cooperation in this matter, and we are respectfully asking that you decide upfront which parent or guardian will submit the request, so as to avoid duplication and delays in verifying and processing your claim.
  • Parents and guardians, please be reminded that you can only claim ONCE PER CHILD.

To apply for this grant, please use the link below.



Schedule for Parents/Guardians to get assistance

Please see below the schedule showing the times and schools where assistance to parents/guardians who are having difficulty completing the Request for $100 Book Grant can be obtained. 

Click here to download the schedule



For more information, please refer to Government Information Service (GIS) website article found here