Home Schooling Process

Education Act Section 42 allows for a child to receive instruction at home in a manner and to a standard satisfactory to the Minister.

  • A letter is received from the applicant seeking permission and stating a reason for the request;
  • Letters are forwarded to Administrative Officer who contacts applicant to ensure that Application Form and Documentation is completed;
  • An Application Form (below) is completed and submitted to the Ministry accompanied by
    • curriculum to be used,
    • names and qualifications of tutors
    • Timetable
  • An interview is arranged with Deputy Chief Education Officer (Schools) who verifies the qualifications, reviews the timetable and curriculum proposed;
  • Most applicants follow the National Curriculum but some do follow recognized curriculum used in North America and Europe (eg Alpha Omega Academy, Waldorf Essentials Early Childhood);
  • The Deputy Chief Education Officer (Schools) either makes recommendations, grants permission or denies the application;
  • If successful a letter is issued to the applicant (attached) indicating that the application must be renewed annually;
  • The School Attendance Officers will visit homes or institutions to verify that home schooling is being conducted and report any anomalies for further investigation by Education Officers