Student Support Services

The Student Support Services section was established in 1997.  The section seeks to provide positive reinforcement to influence students' attitudes towards school.  It provides support to parents/guardians, teachers and guidance counsellors.  It collaborates and consults with social service agencies and the Edna Nicholls Centre to ensure that the behavioural, emotional, social and intellectual needs of children are met in a holistic way.

The operation and organization of Student Support Services is embraced in an excerpt taken from The White Paper on Educational Reform developed by the Ministry of Education in 1995 which indicated that education must "Cater more effectively to the learning and emotional needs of children whose education could be in danger as a result of deviant behaviour followed by suspension or expulsion from school".

The section performs an investigative, evaluative and regulatory role while consulting and collaborating with sections in the Ministry, social service agencies and other professional organizations to ensure that a holistic approach is maintained.

There is also a parental involvement aspect to the services offered by the Section.  Parent sessions, workshops and programmes are co-ordinated and conducted for parents to raise their level of awareness in helping their children with the challenges they present.  The school is also involved through teacher consultations, workshops and seminars to aid with the behavioural management of the children referred to the Section and to provide strategies to be used in attempting to assist with their learning difficulties.