The Planning, Research & International Relations Unit has responsibility for the provision of information to inform educational policy and to determine and recommend appropriate strategies to solve problems in the education system through Research, the use of Statistics and  Educational and  Economic Planning. The functions of this unit include, short, medium and long term planning, collection of education data and statistics, preparation of project briefs and proposals for funding, feasibility studies, along with project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and the preparation of Cabinet Papers and policy briefs. 

What We Do

The functions of this unit include:

  • Short, medium, and long term planning
  • Collecting of education data and statistics
  • Preparation of project briefs and proposals for funding
  • Feasibility studies, along with project implementation and evaluation
  • Preparation of Cabinet Papers and providing statistics to such organisations as UNESCO and OAS

Electronic Data Collection Tool

Nursery, Primary, Special Schools

Secondary Schools