Mission & Goals


The mission of the Ministry is:

  1. To ensure equitable access to quality education for all our citizens so that their potential is fully realized;
  2. To assist in the development of responsible citizens who are disciplined, industrious, creative and confident and who can function effectively in a modern society.


The main goals of the Ministry are:

  • To ensure quality education for all;
  • To provide a wide range of higher education and training opportunities to enable those best able to avail themselves of  those facilities to develop the professional.  Technical and other skills they can use to further their careers ad contribute to the development of the Barbadian economy and society;
  • To continue to formulate and implement effective policies on youth  development with the assistance of all stakeholders;
  • To produce citizens who are well-balanced, disciplined, industrious, creative, self-reliant persons who can think critically and function effectively in a modern society.