The Lodge School Textbook Loan Scheme (Distribution of Textbooks)

Distribution of Textbooks 2020-2021

Textbooks for the School Year 2020-2021 will be distributed on the dates and between the times set out below.  Please make arrangements to have texts collected according to the schedule.


  1. The receipts for the textbooks' loan fee, for petty fees and for damaged/lost texts MUST be presented before books are issued.  PTA dues in the amount of $20.00 per child or $30.00 for families of two or more children are also to be paid on the collection date.


ALL PAYMENTS must be made at the Secretary-Treasurer's Office BEFORE proceeding to the book collection area.


YEAR GROUP                                                     Date and Forms


 SECOND  FORM                                       



August 11"

August 12" 

August 13"

2.1: 2.2

2.3; 2.4

2.5; 2.6






August 14th

August 17th

August 18th

3.1; 3.2

3.3: 3.4

3.5; 3.6










August 19th

August 20th

August 21st              



4Bus1 ; 4Bus 2

4Gen1 ; 4Gen 2

4Sci ; 4Tech


 August 24th

August 25th











August 26th

August 27th

August 28th


1.1; 1.2

1.3; 1.4

1.5: 1.6




Please note the following:


  • Books should be collected between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each day.


  • A face mask must be worn by each person conducting business at the school.


  • Only the student to whom the texts will be issued and one (1) adult will be allowed in the room at any time.


  • An adult should be present to sign off on the collection of books.


·Please note that social distancing protocols will be in place.