International Day of Mathematics 2022

The International Day of Mathematics is a project by the International Mathematical Union (IMU) and was proclaimed by UNESCO. In November 2019, the proclamation designated 14 March (also called Pi Day) as the International Day of Mathematics. Member countries have since participated in annual celebrations to mark this prestigious event.

Students, teachers, school libraries, colleges, universities and the public join globally on 14 March  to showcase the very rich culture and history of Mathematics and its immense contribution and connections to all areas of human endeavour.  

The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training (METVT) will celebrate the International Day of Mathematics on Monday,14  March 2022 for the first time. Students at both Primary and Secondary schools will participate in this celebration

 The Curriculum Section of the METVT will host a competition  during the month of February.  The finals of that competition will take place on Pi Day. .  Teachers, parents and students are advised to check the Ministry’s website  for further information.

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