Lodge To Recognise Its Young Chefs

Published on September 16, 2015 by Joy-Ann Gill

(Junior Duelling Challenge)

Students from The Lodge School who participated in the Junior Duelling Challenge will be the toast of their school next week. 

The school will also recognise the chefs who took time out of their busy schedule to train the students.

In recognition of the achievements of these young and aspiring chefs, there will be a reception at the school, Massiah Street, St. John, on Wednesday, September 23, at 2:00 p.m.

The Lodge School tied with Frederick Smith Secondary in this year’s competition, and was selected to represent Barbados in the Caribbean Junior Duelling Challenge. 

The Junior Duelling Challenge is one avenue through which students can be prepared in the procedures relevant to their School Based Assessment (SBA), which is now linked to Commercial Food Preparation. 

The Barbados Junior Duelling Challenge is now in its 10th year, while the Caribbean Junior Duelling Challenge is in its third year. Both of these competitions can assist students in readying themselves for the world of work, in the hospitality industry.

The Principal of The Lodge School, Vasco Dash, will address the students at the start of the reception. Senior Education Officer, Patricia Warner, as well as Education Officer responsible for Home Economics, Hedda Phillips-Boyce, will also be in attendance.