Closure of St. Lawrence Primary

Temporary Closure

Parents and Guardians of pupils of St. Lawrence Primary School are advised the school will be closed from tomorrow, Monday February 26th 2018. This closure is due to ongoing environmental problems related to the malfunctioning sewerage system along the South Coast. 

Chief Education Officer Karen Best, advises from tomorrow all St. Lawrence Primary Class Four pupils preparing to sit the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination in May will be accommodated at the Arthur Smith Primary School. Arthur Smith Primary is located at Pleasant Hall Land, St. Matthias, Christ Church.

Therefore, Parents and Guardians of these Class Four pupils are asked to report to Arthur Smith Primary in the morning with their children or wards. There, they will be briefed on the situation by Principal Andrea Cheltenham, and the Chief Education Officer.

St. Lawrence Primary Students from Nursery to Class Three will not attend school until alternative arrangements have been finalised by the Ministry of Education.

The decision to temporarily close St. Lawrence Primary School until the problem has been rectified is a precautionary measure, based on advice from the Ministry of Health. This advice came as a result of a sewage spill on the school's premises yesterday.

The Ministry of Education regrets any inconvenience this closure may cause.